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Andrew McKay

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On November 15th with my wife and daughter who was just 5 at the time I arrived at Pearson Airport in Toronto .

The only people I knew in Canada were sitting in the car with me but soon were settled and very happy. I got my Real Estate license in June 2008.

Why am I telling you this?

Basically it was a fantastic learning experience and unbelievably helpful in my real estate career.To learn from scratch all about the area and also the housing market. No pre conceived ideas or beliefs that I knew it all.

As you may remember the recession hit in 2008 and some may say not an ideal time to start a new business as a REALTOR®. I disagree; to survive and prosper, the skills and knowledge had to be worked on continuously to add value for both buyers and sellers, not just be an order taker and work with friends and family.

Home Buyers & Sellers like yourself now rightly have access to a wealth of information on the internet. A REALTOR® has to add value in a different way; to bring to the table local experience that can’t be searched for on Google.

Believe me when you move to a new country and only know your wife and daughter, you work as hard as you possibly can to learn everything about the area and chosen career as quickly as possible.

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